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This is Stream Hypnosis, LLC

Consulting Hypnotist

Stream Hypnosis, LLC offers services to assist with stress management, smoking cessation, weight reduction, and more.

Introducing Stream Hypnosis, LLC

Stream Hypnosis, LLC offers hypnosis in a therapeutic design to help reduce personal stress as well as assist in smoking cessation and reduction of stress related to coping with chronic pain.


Stream Hypnosis, LLC

NLP certified hypnosis
Certified Consulting Hypnotist, NGH

The Legacy Office Building
35 E. Elizabeth Avenue Suite 21 B & D
Bethlehem, PA 18018


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All About Stream Hypnosis, LLC

Stream Hypnosis, LLC 
Stream Hypnosis, LLC is a company founded by  Vanessa Perez Weiss, FNP, NP-C to offer hypnosis to help with stress reduction, weight management, quitting smoking and reducing chronic pain. Vanessa Perez Weiss, FNP, NP-C is a Family Nurse Practitioner who has trained in the National Guild of Hypnotists' curriculum, Neurolinguinistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Technique.

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